Elevate your home yoga practice.

WHY you need to cultivate a home yoga practice:

Ever wander why you can’t seem to practice yoga at home the way you do in the yoga studio? Many of us see the home as a place to relax, to work, to play, but we don’t have a space in the home set aside for practice. I will help create this space as well as create and sustain a home yoga practice for YOU. This is not a one time solution, but a system that produces results over a period of time. Results being; less stress, better productivity and more clarity in your life.


These are individualized yoga classes specifically tailored for you. I welcome friends or partners to join, however I will cap the private lessons at 3 people as I’d like to give my students individualized attention to their practice.


Bay Area; San Francisco + Peninsula + East Bay.

This is your yoga practice on your time. We will practice in your home / home gym and work around your schedule. Does your office have a gym? Need a lunch break? I am able to meet you at your office gym as well.

WHAT to expect in our first meeting:

Before we begin your personal yoga practice, we’ll sit down for an initial assessment of your goals and any questions or concerns you might have. After assessing your goals, I will tailor a yoga practice to meet your needs.

HOW this will help you in the long run:

The best investment you can make is one on your mental and physical health. Again, this is not a one-time solution but a system that produces results over the long run. Therefore I offer these classes in packages in order to produce the best results.

Lets start this journey together.

For any questions or booking inquiries, please send a message to hillary@hillaryatalina.com